Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Punch Brothers @ Town Hall 4/26/12

I've been wanting to see a whole show for a long time.  The only other time I saw them was at jazzfest last year.  OK, so looking them up on my blog I see I got a great 1/2 hour at Blue Nile that week as well.

There was an opener that wasn't for me.  Jessica Lea Mayfield is a singer-songwriter and I don't go in for that very often.  I was tired and this was just making me more tired.

The Punch Brothers certainly woke me up!  They were phenomenal.  They had me fully engaged attempting to chair dance from the 6th row the entire set.  I love the fiddler as much as Thile.  They are all amazing.

For the encore they did a fun one and then unplugged and came out to the front of the stage to get up close and personal.  They did an awesome Earl Scruggs tune in which they each took a solo.  The final was The Weight in honor of Levon Helm.

It was just too good!

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