Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fairgrounds Leg 2 5/4/12

This was a very enjoyable hour.  I was in Bliss with Baritone Bliss in the Jazz Tent.  Shannon Powell was on drums.  Mari Watanabe was on piano.  It was phenomenal.
Baritone Bliss (Jazz) Conceived
by Dirty Dozen Brass Band cofounder Roger Lewis, the shows bring together saxophone masters Lewis, Tony Dagradi, Calvin Johnson and Tim Green, each on a baritone and Dan Oestricher on bass sax.

That was followed by my favorite of the day, John Lawrence & Ven Pa'Ca Flamenco Ensemble.  I'm pretty sure I saw them last year and loved it just as much.  I really need to try to find them somewhere else.  I found the usual suspects on Leticia Jimenez, the dancer's website.  I didn't realize that great sax was Robert Wagner.
VEN PA' CA (featuring John Lawrence, Leticia Jimenez, Dave Sobel, and Rob Wagner)

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