Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jazzfest @ Fairgrounds Leg 4 5/4/12

Mystikal was a lot of fun with the special guest horn section that included Ben Ellis.  The only problem was the guy kept talking in between songs and that was a buzzkill for me after a while.  No big deal since there was plenty of great music going on elsewhere.

I enjoyed Terri Lyne Carrington's Mosaic in the Jazz Tent.  I'm reading the review and I didn't realize that was Ingrid Jensen up there on trumpet.
"The rest of the band was pretty amazing, too. Ingrid Jensen delivered razor sharp lines on trumpet. Bassist Mimi Jones throbbed and swayed with oceanic gravitas. Helen Sung offered bop-inflected runs on the grand piano and shimmering, chime-like effects from an electronic keyboard. Tia Fuller, the music director for Esperanza Spalding, showed her snaking, tart approach to alto sax for the second day in a row at the Fair Grounds. Singer Niki Harris radiated sensuality, unleashing long legato phrases to great effect on Al Green's "Something Beautiful." Did anyone catch the name of the guitarist? The sole male in the band, he was adept at stoking fire under the other players. "

Sarah Jarosz at the Fais Do-Do tent was awesome.  I actually bought a CD.  I love it.  She plays mandolin, octave mandolin, clawhammer banjo and guitar and sings  It reminds me of Abigail Washburn, which tells you how limited my experience is in this genre.
"Standing on stage with just two other musicians - the equally impressive Alex Hargreaves on violin and Nathaniel Smith on cello - the 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist put on a show of orchestral quality."

I ended the day with a little Mavis Staples.

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