Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jazzfest 2012 Overall

It's different every year and how I do it is always different.  This was my R&R jazzfest.  That's right, Rest & Relaxation.  I was at the fest each of the 4 days, I just did a lot more sleeping and tv watching than ever before.  I went out a couple of nights and enjoyed them, there were just some nights I couldn't get out.  I'd been working a lot for months and needed a rest.  It was awesome!  I must say I love the fest more when I'm rested.  The night shows seemed like pretty much the same old thing from last year.  I'm sure there were some great ones and I probably missed some good stuff, but it was perfect for me.  It's impossible to do it wrong.

The weather certainly cooperated.  It got pretty hot but not too hot.  It rained a little on Sunday, but just enough to be a welcome spritz.  There was some cloud cover at times which made it more bearable.

I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of music.  I was pretty focused on violins and World music.  My favorite was Regina Carter, which had both of those elements.  I also found myself enjoying more country music than before.

There really is nothing better than jazzfest.  I'm in awe with just how phenomenal it is.  The food alone is worth going and having that much great music constantly is just too perfect.

How many days until next year?

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