Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dead Kenny G's @ Howlin Wolf 5/2/12

This was my favorite night set of the trip.  It was phenomenal from start to finish.  Stanton came out and played drums for one.  I loved the tablas.  There was one modern jazz piece that was awesome.  It was them telling Kenny another way to go.  However, Kenny is lacking the soulfulness in his music, which is why great musicians want him dead.  It was a special treat for me to get that modern jazz piece since that's not usually what these guys do.  It was excellent!

I forgot to pick up the new CD, but I should be able to get it next week when they open for Galactic.
Skerik: Sax, keys.
Mike Dillon: Drums, vibraphone, tabla, percussion.
Brad Houser: Bass, baritone sax.

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