Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wayne Horvitz New Quartet @ LPR 9/9/11

The Crosscurrents Festival is put on by some music lovers who fund it all independently.  3 nights, 2 great bands a night, $20 a night.  I was particularly interested in this night.

This was a brand new project.  They ended up getting only 1 rehearsal in before this first gig.  If you are familiar with these 4 great musicians, you would already know that it was stellar.  I loved the music and how varied the pieces are.  Ches Smith was the one Wayne just started playing with and it's a good thing they got together.  Of course, anyone who can get Ches in their projects should feel privileged.

I also loved seeing them on a big stage.  It's funny how I always felt privileged in those "living room seats" at the tiny venues and now I feel as privileged to see those same artists in a larger venue.

The set started at 8:15 and went for about an hour.

Third edition of Crosscurrent's international contemporary jazz festival
w/ Wayne Horvitz New Quartet (World Premiere) and Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet
Wayne Horvitz New Quartet (World Premiere)
Wayne Horvitz piano, keyboards & composition
Briggan Krauss alto sax
Tony Malaby tenor sax
Ches Smith

Wayne Horvitz is a composer, pianist, and electronic musician (b. New York City, 1955). He’s been one of the leading figures in NYC downtown music scene, excelling in crossbreeding genres with his unique and surprising attitude. Even though his notoriety is mainly due to his membership in John Zorn’s Naked City, Horvitz must be valued for his remarkable activity as composer. Since the beginnings of his career it was clearly shown that his primary interest was organizing and creating sound and musical structure, even for large ensembles. He stubbornly pursued a highly individual path, thinking about music in compositional terms but also as a profound and accomplished listener, introducing elements from disparate fields with deep consciousness of every matter. His extremely recognizable style lasts in every single work he produced, allowing him the stature of a major contemporary composer. Ranging from early works in typical downtown scene fashion with William Parker, John Zorn, Lawrence “Butch” Morris, Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte, Bill Frisell, Jon Rose (to name the most famous ones only) to the vibrant experience of the New York Composers’ Orchestra, his unclassifiable avant rockish bands The President & Pigpen, the groove bar band Zony Mash, electronics meets free Ponga, chamber oriented 4 + 1 Ensemble & Gravitas Quartet, the magnificent acoustic quartet Sweeter Than The Day, not forgetting his classical works, Joe Hill’s oratorio, The Heartsong of Charging Elk and his music for films, theatre and dance, Horvitz sound palette offers a unique and highly individual journey through the delights of modern music. We’re very proud and excited to offer his New Quartet’s world premiere as the opener of the festival.

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