Sunday, September 4, 2011

MMW @ Whitney Museum 8/26/11

I just couldn't get to the other shows, so I'm especially glad I made it to this, the last of 4 Medeski, Martin, and Wood Fridays at the Whitney.

It was crowded, but not ridiculous.  It's annoying how many people talk, sometimes loudly, during the music.  It's especially so during the more out there parts and less so during the funky parts.  It was enough people that attempts to try to shut them up would be futile.  I eventually made it close enough to the band that I could ignore the talkers for the most part.

It was so awesome.  We had special guests Cyro Baptista on percussion and DJ Logic on turntables.  I love DJ Logic in this setting.  I didn't realize I miss Cyro - I hadn't seen him in a few months.  He's so awesome.

This show was super high quality amazing.

Here's a video and another.

Medeski Martin & Wood
w/special guests DJ Logic and Cyro Baptista
The Whitney Museum
New York, NY

1. intro

2. Billy Martin & DJ Logic
3. John Medeski & DJ Logic
4. Chris Wood & DJ Logic
5. Cyro Baptista & DJ Logic

MMW w/DJ Logic & Cyro Baptista
6. Sugar Craft ->
7. improv? ->
8. more improv ->
9. Cyro's fun with Ford hubcaps ->
10. Church Of Logic
11. ?
12. ?
13. Back & Forth
14. banter - Patagonia donation
15. No Ke Ano Ahi Ahi
16. Partido Alto
17. band intros
18. Bubblehouse
19. thanks

Shows I missed:
Billy Martin, Chris Wood, Charles Burnham, DJ Mr. Rourke
Whitney Museum
New York, NY
1. intro by Chris Wood
2. improv #1 *#
3. improv #2 *#
4. improv #3 *+#
5. improv #4 +#
6. improv #5 +#
7. improv #6 +*%
8. improv #7 +*%#
9. improv #8 +*%
10. improv #9 +*%#
11. drum solo
12. DJ solo
13. improv #10 +#%*
14. improv #11 %+#*
15. improv #12 %+#*
16. thanks

* = w/Chris Wood - electric bass, acoustic stand-up bass, Hoeffner bass
+ = w/Billy Martin - drums, percussion
# = w/DJ Mr. Rourke - turntables
% = w/Charles Burnham - violin, harmonica, electric mando-guitar

Show opens with Chris playing some KILLER distorted-electric Hoeffner bass

Whitney Live: Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee / Val-Inc duets with Martin and Wicked Knee brass
Friday, August 12, 2011 7 PM
Lower Gallery and Sculpture Court

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, legendary band Medeski Martin & Wood will be in residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art on Friday nights in August as part of the Whitney Live performance series. Joined by guest artists each night, the performances will encompass older works and newer projects including several MMW side projects and a re-mounting of the acclaimed Turntable Sessions.

Haitian electronic music composer/percussionist/turntablist, Val-Inc evokes the musical esoteric realms of the creative subconscious and self defined as “Afro-Electronica.” She incorporates her African Haitian musical traditions into the present and beyond, combining acoustics with electronics and the archaic with the post-modern.

Wicked Knee:
Featuring Billy Martin (drums), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) and Marcus Rojas (tuba), the new supergroup Wicked Knee features RagTimeFunk Joints with avant-garde interludes.

Free with Museum admission, which is pay-what-you-wish on Fridays from 6–9pm; there are no special tickets or reservations.
Medeski Martin And Wood
Whitney Museum
New York, NY
With Bachir Attar (Master Musician Of Jajouka) on ancient horn
1. Improv
2. Improv
3. Improv
4. Improv

With John Scofield on guitar:
5. intro
6. Tuttie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
7. Hanuman
8. ?Improv? >
9. drum solo >
10. unknown new song >
11. guitar breakdown (inc. I Will tease [The Beatles cover]) >
12. A Go Go
13. Little Walter Rides Again
14. encore break
15. Amazing Grace
16. crowd/thanks

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