Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7 Walkers @ City Winery 9/2/11

At first I had no desire to see them.  I figured it was another tired old Dead cover band.  Then, as I looked at the listing, I realized with George and Papa Mali and the NOLA influence, it has a lot of potential.  Yay for me - it was awesome.  They did some Dead songs, the Meters "Just Kissed My Baby", and some originals.  I loved it.  You could dance if you wanted to.  Many people were sitting.  At some point I moved up closer and it sounded even better. It was one long set.  I'm not quite sure how long, but long enough for me.

This is what a Dead derivative should look like!  They took it beyond the Dead, yet gave us some nostalgia tunes as well.

 I ran into Curtis in my hood a day or 2 later, and he mentioned that Bill went up to Hill Country afterwards and sat in with Honey Island Swamp Band. I found something about that on their facebook page.
Chris Mulé & Bill Kreutzmann - NYC - 9-2-11
Bill Kreutzmann can barely contain his enthusiasm for
7 Walkers, the former Grateful Dead drummer’s new band with guitarist / vocalist Papa Mali, legendary New Orleans bassist George Porter Jr., and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard.

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