Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Secret Chiefs 3 @ LPR 9/13/11

This band rocks!  There were 2 bands on before them and I missed them both.  They've had Kayo Dot open for them before and I would like to see them some time.  I walked in just after 10 and it seemed like they just started.

The music was phenomenal.  Ches Smith was on drums as was another guy.  2 drummers is twice as nice!  There was also a female percussionist, she may have just had tablas, I'm not sure.  She was the only one without a hooded cloak and may have been a special guest.  There was also a keyboard player toward the front of the stage facing the band.  Of course the guitar/trumpet/violin player was there.  There were 7 in all.

I loved the show.  There was a good crowd but it wasn't too crowded.  I had to leave at a little after 11 due to work constraints but it was well worth coming out for.

Here's a recording of the show:

Trey Spruance - Saz, Guitar, etc.
Timb Harris - Violin, Guitar, Trumpet, etc.
Adam Stacey - Keys
Ches Smith! - Drums
Danny Heifetz! - Drums
Toby Driver - Bass
(unknown) - Drum Pad, Hand Drums

And here's some pictures:

You can find some vids from the show on youtube.

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