Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jon Hebert @ Cornelia St 9/1/11

They never start at 8:30, but I wanted to get there just in case.  The last band at The Garage was on set break anyway.  It was nice that we were allowed in at 8:30 and they were sound-checking.  First we heard a lot of Jen's vocals with everyone else in the background and then we heard a lot of piano.  It was very nice and they started the set at a little after 8:45.

I enjoyed it a lot.  They were all awesome and I think Jon Hebert is a phenomenal bass player.  The only problem was the talkers.  There were a couple of people that were brought by their daughter and had no interest in the music.  There weren't that many people there and any talking or whispering was too much.

Still, it was a great 75 minute set.  They were going into the studio the next day and trying out the material on us.

Thursday, Sep 01 - 8:30PM
John Hébert, bass; Jen Shyu, vocals; Andy Milne, piano; Billy Drummond, drums

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