Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stooges Brass Band @ Brooklyn Bowl 8/24/11

I was itching for NOLA music and this fit the bill.  I had a note to self ever since jazz fest to see them at a night show.  It was the perfect night and the perfect venue for it.

They are a lot of fun.  The leader is the trombone player.  He was out front with 2 trumpet players.  The 4th horn is the very important sousaphone.  The drummer on the kit is pretty good - I liked the "drum blasts" that would pop in often.

There's also a keyboard and a guy on some kind of electric drum.

A couple of them like antics, which is probably how they chose the name.  They never let the antics sacrifice the music.

They came down from the stage to teach us an easy dance and another time to let individuals strut their stuff by showing off their dance moves.

It was a lot of fun and just what I needed.

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