Thursday, September 15, 2011

Metzger/Russo/Deutch/Hess @ Cameo Gallery 9/3/11

Brand new awesome band!  Yay!  They have a bunch of working names which I can't remember.  They started a little before 10:15 and played a 75 min set with no encore.  It looked like another band was next and there was one before them.  Each band is a separate and distinct show.

They started off with a Meters song, which is a nice start.  They played a lot of covers and a few originals.  I think the originals were all written by Joe and they are all great.

They do some funk, some rock, some reggae covers.  All instrumental and all good.

I love that Joe and Andy are in the same band.  I also love seeing Joe around in a genre I enjoy.  Good stuff and I'm looking forward to more!

So, looks like they chose the name Rumble Dogs and here is a video from the show

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