Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marco Benevento Trio @ Sullivan Hall 3/4/11

Marco lent his piano for the occasion.  I got there at about 9:10 and it was probably early into the set.  The rest of the night would have Dr. John playing Marco's piano and then the High and Mighty Brass Band.  I couldn't bring myself to stay for the other 2 given I didn't want to be at Sullivan Hall and I would be seeing the Dr the next night.

I loved seeing the trio with a piano.  They were great.  The room couldn't handle Dave Dreiwitz's bass - I could hear metal things shaking behind me.  It was still great enough to stay.  Andrew Barr was on the drums. 

I really loved the piano, which he played the entire time I was there.  The organ was on the stage, but I guess Marco wanted to warm up the piano, or he just enjoyed playing it.  I even loved "The Real Morning Party" on the piano.  It's a great song, I just got sick of it when I was seeing it so often.

It ended a little after 10 and was great.

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