Monday, March 21, 2011

Bowlive @ Brooklyn Bowl 3/10/11

It was that nasty, rainy night and I had no intention of going out. I started catching up on my posting. I was looking up something for the p-funk Bowlive show from the week before and I noticed this very night they were doing a tribute to Sly & the Family Stone. Say no more! I'm there!

My research also tipped me off that these Bowlive shows had a format. First there would be the same opening band and then a Soulive set with special guests and the 2nd set would have the extra special music I'm coming for. Still, the p-funk tribute the week before started early and I had the Thurs DJ ?uestlove thing going for me. I wasn't quite sure how to time it, but I didn't want to risk talking myself out of it.

The L train was especially quick and I got there toward the end of the opening band. There was a larger crowd this night, in spite of the weather. It was the same opening band and they seemed to be doing the same songs and possibly the same set. It wasn't bad and it wasn't great. It got a little better when the guests came up.

Soulive was good. Yonrico Scott sat in for all but the drum solo. He had a nice setup with congas and some other drums. Kofi Burbidge came out every now and then with his flute. I especially loved when Karl Densen sat in. For the first song he wailed on the flute. For the 2nd, he blew me away with an outstanding sax solo. I think there was one more to close out the set ...

... But then, NO setbreak! Whoohoo! They called out the others and started in on the Sly and the Family Stone set. It was good and fun, but not on the same level as the p-funk set the week before. ?uestlove did sit in for one in the middle. I was disappointed in the song choices. It was good, it just didn't live up to my expectations. Until the end, that is. I was ready to leave a little early, but when I went to the door it was raining hard enough for me to walk right back in and enjoy the show. Thank you rain gods! That last song was everything I had hoped the show would be! It was so good it was worth coming out and staying out late AND the long, brutal walk back to the train and then home. Yes, it was ALL that!
I'm looking at a Hidden Track post, and I now I remember how awesome Que Sera Sera was.
Soulive Pays Tribute to Sly Playlist – Que Sera Sera (w. Alecia Chakour, Ivan Neville, Nigel Hall, Van Hunt and More), Yonrico Scott Solo, Sing a Simple Song (w. Alecia Chakour, Karl Denson, Van Hunt, Ivan Neville, Adam Smirnoff and More), In Time (w. ?uestlove, Van Hunt and More), Neal Evans Solo and Stand (w. Van Hunt, Ivan Neville, Alecia Chakour and More)

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