Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bowlive @ Brooklyn Bowl 3/3/11

This was P-Funk night and the only option of the series that appealed to me. I would have loved to check out the Lettuce w/ Maceo Parker night earlier in the week, but I found out about it too late. I had purchased a ticket on-line and got an email from Ticket Fly that afternoon stating they were moving up the start time from 9 to 8:30. That sounded good to me as I wasn't planning on staying too late in the 1st place.

I don't think the opening band started until closer to 9. They were OK at first. I never did get their name. They were funky for a couple and then they moved into a Soul Jazz mode that just wasn't for me. I was missing those times Captain Coconut opened for some Kraz gigs. It got interesting again for the last piece, which had the Soulive krewe including extra horns, which included Cochemea. I was happy to see him.

The next set was Soulive doing their usual stuff. I had found out by this point that the Parlaiment stuff would be the 2nd set. So much for my early night. Although, I was only staying late if it was good.

The Soulive set started out OK. I'm not a big fan. It got better toward the end when the horns came out. The last couple of songs were really good and I had to get back out on the dance floor.

The Parlaiment set was unbelievably good. ?uestlove was on the drums for the 1st 1/2 hour and I thought the roof was gonna come off! The 2nd half of the set was good and worth sticking around for. Schmeens was on guitar and added a more funkadelic feel to the proceedings.

I do admit the 1st 1/2 hour was blown away amazing with the 2nd 1/2 knocked down to very very good.
?uestlove made a huge difference. Also, there was something to the song selections that made a difference. I wasn't crazy about the Flashlight vocals in the 2nd half.

I actually liked Nigel in the 1st half.

Bernie Worrell was phenomenal. I'm not a Neil fan, so Bernie was key to the whole thing for me.

I've had p-funk in my head at various times ever since that show. I want this to spill out and become a trend for the next year, especially at Jazzfest. All kinds of bands breaking out some p-funk tunes.

I must say it was good enough to cancel most of the disappointment that the p-funk portion was only an hour. There's certainly enough material to fill the entire evening, all bands.

I've been interested to catch DJ ?uestlove's Bowl Train on Thurs nights for a while. I couldn't stay, it was 12:30 already, but I was compelled to slowly boogie my way out of there. I need to make that a night sometime when I have a Fri off.

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