Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doug Wamble @ Jazz Standard 3/15/11

Unfortunately, Matt Wilson had a family emergency. Fortunately, Rudy Royston was available to stand in. Ben Allison completed and expanded the trio by playing kickass contrabass. This music came Right in and hugged my soul. That's the only verbiage coming to me to attempt to describe how it made me feel. From start to finish it was phenomenal.

The listing:
Doug Wamble – guitar, vocals
Ben Allison – bass
Rudy Royston – drums
The music of Doug Wamble “is as fascinating as it is idiosyncratic,” says The Los Angeles Times. These words were never more true than when applied to the artist’s third and latest solo album, the self–titled Doug Wamble CD (2010, E1 Music), which features guest appearances by guitarist Charlie Hunter, trum¬peter Steven Bernstein, and vocalist Carrie Rodriguez. On these ten original compositions (plus a closing cover of Fiona Apple’s “I Know”), Doug weaves individual strands of soul, gospel, blues, country, pop, and jazz into a colorful and deeply personal tapestry of sound. Doug will be joined for this much–anticipated one–niter by the ace rhythm section of Ben Allison and Rudy Royston, both lauded composer/bandleaders in their own right

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