Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ben Perowsky @ Doma 3/8/11

Oh, so THAT's Doma.  Aha.  I've been there before - it's a nice cafe that serves food and wine as well as cafe-type fare.  It's a nice cafe space.  This live music thing might be new for them.  The band plays in the window, which is usually seats on the other side of the table.  There's definitely enough room for a trio.

It was very much worth going for Ben Perowsky, Doug Wamble and Jeff Hanley.  It was definitely worth ignoring the chatter in the room.  I mean, it IS a popular neighborhood cafe for God's sake.  It's very interesting how bothered I can get sometimes over a couple of people talking quietly near me at some shows and I can ignore lots of chatter at others.  I've learned from my Instantaneous Transformation training that what you resist persists and grows stronger.  That night I was able to include the chatter more easily than some other occasions.  I also was listening to the music rather than complaining about the chatter.

And what great music that was!  Doug Wamble is so talented and full of soul!  It's such a pleasure listening to him.  I always love Ben on drums.  He was amazing.  I loved all bass solos.  The show was good enough to stay for the 2nd set.  I just noticed on Ben Perowsky's facebook page that he will continue Tuesday nights at Doma through April.

Here's an excerpt from the website with the rest of March:
The series will truly get under way with Mad Hare March, an incredible line-up of world-class bopsters and popsters every Tuesday in March.  Matt Munisteri and Danton Boller roar in like a lion on March 1, Doug Wamble on March 8, Sasha Dobson w/ Trevor Dunn on the Ides themselves, "Bop on Pop" Frank Perowsky with Gary Versace on March 22, and Charlie Burnham going out decidedly unlike a lamb on March 29.  Surprise visits from compatriots playing at nearby Village Vanguard, Smalls and Blue Note are likely; and all sets will be drummed by Man Who Was Tuesday Perowsky.

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