Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cindy Blackman @ LPR 11/10/10

What do you get when you combine an electric bass, rock guitar, a monster drummer and a versatile electric keyboard that swings both ways (organ and piano)? You can an incredible funky jazz-rock set of enthralling music!

This was a different group than the one I saw Cindy with at Jazz Standard - this was more rockish. It was an exciting, lively set with talented musicians. They were finishing up a tour and Cindy said they will be taking a break to do other things. That makes me extra happy I went to this show. It was 75 min at least, maybe a little longer. It was great.

From All About Jazz:
The line up for Blackman's band Another Lifetime is: Aurelien Budynek, guitar; Marc Cary; keyboards; and Felix Pastorius, bass

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