Monday, November 8, 2010

Douglas Detrick Trio @ University of the Streets 10/31/10

No music was compelling me this Halloween. I did find myself wishing I was in NOLA, but it hadn't occurred to me until that night. I also wasn't compelled to really look for options and had a great day regardless. I was feeling like getting some kind of music in after my great day. I'm so glad I did. I felt like this band is something I could catch in Brooklyn but there we are short on venues for these guys in Manhattan ... until now. We really need another Tonic in Manhattan - badly!

This band is great! I knew nothing about any of them. They reinterpreted blues songs in their own way. They chose Son House and Roscoe Holcombe because they were innovative in their day. Neither had a trumpet or a bass drum. but they were always creating when they played. I wanted to ask about the bass drum when they were done, but I didn't.  I know Zigaboo Modaliste is credited with the "kick drum" and I never explored exactly what that meant.  I will do the research when I get time.

The drums were especially compelling for me. He kept doing something interesting. He even included the music stand as part of his kit for a portion of the set.

It was a very enjoyable set!

Sun, October 31, 2010
8:00 pm
Douglas Detrick - trumpet, John Sutton - bass, Christian Coleman - drums.
This performance will focus on the music of Son House, Roscoe Holcombe and other early blues and country musicians along with original compositions by Douglas Detrick.

drums were great. Played the music stand

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