Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ches Smith & These Arches @ University of the Streets 11/21/10

I walked in at 8:15 and was told they just started that minute.  My jaw dropped when I moved the entry curtain and walked in to see Marc Ribot playing the hell out of his guitar!  I braved a quick walk in front of the band and a pretty much full house to score an awesome seat just left of center in the 2nd row, which is up a big step from the floor.  Once I sat, I was again elated to see Tim Bern on baritone sax!  Tony Malaby was absent, but the 3 regular band members: Ches Smith, Andrea Parkins, and Mary Halvorson were all present.  And boy was everybody present!!!  This show was non-stop amazingness from beginning to end!  This is a dream band playing the best way possible!  It was hard to pay attention to any one they were all too enthralling.

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