Friday, November 12, 2010

Billy Bang Quartet @ Rubin Museum 11/4/10

It was a wonderful set of music in a wonderful space. I already love Billy and Hill and now I know the other 2 were definitely worthy of being on the same stage.

Everyone took a long solo in the 2nd piece. Each one was stellar. The drummer ended his by playing his own thighs and chest with his hands. That's something that wouldn't be heard in any other venue of that size!

Billy Bang is definitely one of the greats on violin. While a lot of people do know of him, usually the Vision Fest crowd, a lot don't. They should!

There were about 4 compositions and 3 pieces of art. It was about 70ish minutes long. It was fabulous.
Billy Bang - violin
Andrew Bemkey - piano
Hilliard Greene - bass
Newman Taylor Baker - drums

Billy Bang is an American free jazz violinist and composer. Bang has most recently explored his experience in Vietnam in two albums: Vietnam: The Aftermath (2001) and Vietnam: Reflections (2005), recorded with a band which included several other veterans of that conflict. The latter album also features two Vietnamese musicians based in the United States.

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