Friday, August 20, 2010

Cindy Blackman @ Jazz Standard 8/17/10

She may be a tall, thin, beautiful woman but she's also a monster drummer. I was blown away. She's got the perfect level of intensity and knows how to play.

I love drummer-led bands. She's got a kickass bass player for sure. The music is very lively and intense. She's got keyboard AND electronics players. Add a sax player and we have a winner.

I found myself looking for the guitar at one point to discover the sound was coming from the keyboard. It was somewhat reminiscent of Bernie Worrell. I enjoyed the sax, especially when he was on soprano.

It was a very fun show and I will be sure to add her and the bass player to my list of people to go see when I can. The others were great as well and I will be happy to see them in other projects.

I'm reading the listing and I'm again bummed out I missed Bitches Brew Revisited. I kept thinking of Miles when I saw the keyboard and electronics players. Actually, I kept thinking of the band Burnt Sugar, which is inspired by Miles.


Antoine Roney – tenor saxophone
Marc Cary – keyboards
Zaccai Curtis – keyboards
Rashaan Carter – bass
Cindy Blackman – drums

Yes, Cindy Blackman is a great drummer – just ask Pharaoh Sanders, Sam Rivers, Lenny Kravitz, or Joss Stone, to name but a few of the artists she’s worked with. But she’s also a complete musician who has released nine albums as a leader, including her new release Another Lifetime (Four Quarters), a dedication to the drumming master Tony Williams. Cindy arrives on our stage fresh from recent galvanizing performances with “Bitches Brew Revisited,” the electric Miles Davis tribute group also featuring James Blood Ulmer, Graham Haynes, and DJ Logic.

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George Kao said...

Terri, it was great to see you in SF! Nice blog you've got going here. Wondering if it's possible to add a little music clip of the evening to each post?