Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another One For Woody @ Roseland 11/22/10

My expectations were far surpassed with this show!  I got there just before 8 and was surprised the opening band was already well into their set.  It was Warren, McCain and Kevin Kinney.  I got the last few songs.  It was rather mellow yet good.

Then there was a setbreak and then North Mississippi Allstars, but no Chris Chew.  Apparantly he isn't with them anymore.  Huh.  Too bad.  The Luther/Cody duo was good, but not the same.  There were some guests sprinkled through.  The last song, which was a completely different special band for the night, was awesome.  That cinched for me that I was definitely in the right place.

Another set break and then the phenomenal Government Mule.  I so love this band.  The bass player is unbelievable.  They did about half the set on their own and then started bringing out the guests.  I already don't remember much except that I loved it and I was blown away throughout, especially without the guests.

Another, longer setbreak, and then a huge reminder of how come this version of the Allman Brothers Band was one of my very favorites for so long.  If you think about it, the $100 face value/$117 TB ticket price is lower than many of the good ABB seats at The Beacon.  And, even better, everyone on the floor has to stand.  The band was so on!  I didn't realize how much I miss Derek.  He was incredible.

They eventually morphed into special guests and other amalgamations.  It was all so great.  There was an awesome Whipping Post encore.  Then, just as I was leaving, another Wish You Were Here encore!  It all ended at around 1:45ish - way longer than I originally anticipated.

Yes, that was indeed a very special night.

Here's some video and the setlist from Hidden Track.

Here's a great rundown from someone with a better memory on Jambands.

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