Sunday, November 21, 2010

Venus Uprising Fantasy Bellydance @ RS Lounge 11/13/10

I messed up the time, so I was only able to see the 2nd act.  My friend was in the 1st act, but I also loved the last time I saw this troupe's Tarot production, so I was looking forward to all of it.  What I saw was excellent and well worth it.  My favorite was a solo performance of the Voodoo Queen.  I'm sure you never would have guessed that!

Each piece was excellent.  There were 3 solo performances.  A very cool ensemble all in black was intriguing. Sara Skinner and her husband did an awesome piece where her husband played mandolin and she was a bitchy waitress.  There was also a fun piece with 3 women doing that funkier style.

I have to figure out how to find out about the annual show even if Val isn't in it ...

"Bad Girls & Dangerous Games" Performers & themes:

Tanna Valentine & Baron Misuraca [vocals] “Bettie Page - Sway”
Ayshe & Ensemble “Carmen”
Darshan & Ensemble “Vintage Gangster Vixens”
Darshan & Ensemble “Sirens”
Jeniviva “The Waiting Game”
LaUra “Lady Gaga's Dream”
Irina “Voodoo Queen” (Saturday)
Fayzah “Android Goddess” (Friday)
Neon with Angelys and Jenna Rey “Anime Assassins”
Neon “Kept Woman”
Sarah Skinner and the Sisters of Salome “Poker: The dead man’s hand”
Sarah Skinner & Kevin Fox [live music] “Gossip”
Special Musical Guests: Baron Misuraca, Kevin Fox

MC: Andy Troy

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