Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Calvin Weston @ The Stone 11/4/10

It was supposed to include Billy Martin, but he had to go to Europe suddenly.  They still charged $20, and it was worth it.  I forgot how much I love "avant acid jazz".  It grooved, it rocked, it jazzed and at times they funked it up.

The bass! The drums!

Let me tell you about the guitar!  He had a couple of blocks of pedals and there were times where I thought it was Ribot.  I think a few lines were similar.  There were also plenty of parts where he played nothing like Ribot and that was great as well.

Now, Calvin did not want to stop.  He was prepared to play straight through til 11.  I thought that was rather smart, I mean, we paid $20 for the set (the usual cover is $10) and if there was a break, I for one probably wouldn't stay for the 2nd set for another $20.  It was great, but I was tired and hungry.  But alas, he asked the manager du jour and was told he could charge another cover and "you like money, don't you?".  If I really wanted to stay, I might have helped keep it going.  It might have worked to keep playing and pass a hat around to those of us who wanted to stay to kick in another $5-10 and charge newcomers the $20.  I probably would have stayed as it would have been hard to leave such great music.  However, I was tired and hungry and the proposal was left unmentioned.

It was a great extra long set.  They started around 8:15-20 and played til 9:40.  Calvin played trumpet and keyboard as well as drums.  The bass player is awesome.

I want to take a little overnight trip to Philly at some point and I'm waiting to coincide it with music.  I'm now going to try to do it when Calvin's got a gig.

11/4 Thursday (MJJ)
8 and 10 pm G. Calvin Weston Group, tribute to Ornette Coleman and Free Jazz G. Calvin Weston (drums, keyboards, trumpet) Ed Ricart (guitar) Tom Spiker (bass) Billy Martin (percussion, drums) G. Calvin Weston came up in North Philadelphia, where he saw musicians such as Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, and James Brown at the Uptown Theater. Seeing his attention focused on the drummers, his father bought him a small set. In high school Calvin learned to read music and played second snare in the drum ensemble. He co-founded the group Bad Influence, which played in cabarets and clubs around Philadelphia. At 17, Calvin joined Ornette Colemans Prime Time Band with bass player Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Charlie Ellerbee, touring extensively in North America and Europe. Calvin went on to play and record with guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer, then joined John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards in 1990. During the late ‘90s Calvin recorded and toured with Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood, Tricky, Eyvind Kang, Derek Bailey, Marc Ribot, and James Carter. He also played on several movie soundtracks, including "Get Shorty.” And he continues to lead his own groups. TWENTY DOLLARS 

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