Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aleph Trio @ Yoshi's, San Francisco 8/27/10

As great as the 1st set was the 2nd was even better.  It was Zorn, Wollesen and Dunn improvising to some Wallace Berman film.  The filmmaker's son was there to tell us some stories about his father's work and how "Aleph" was sitting under Tosh's desk for quite a few years after his father's passing before he realized he should put it out to the public.  I'm more into music than film and I must admit the film didn't do much for me.  The music was killer, though.  I love when Zorn plays, and a trio is even better.  I especially loved the last piece they did, right after Tosh Berman spoke.

10PM: ALEPH TRIO plays for Wallace Berman… with John Zorn sax , Trevor Dunn bass, Kenny Wollesen drums and films by Wallace Berman

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