Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bad Plus @ Bowery Ballroom 9/15/10

This is the way I like to see TBP!  Bigger room, longer set, and we're all standing and listening.  Everyone is into it.

They were great.  They played some old favorites and some pieces from the new album.

David King caught me the most.  There was a point close to 1 hour into the set where David was talking to Reid who passed it on to Ethan.  Then the piece started with a great drum solo.  I thought they were deviating in a big way and David was calling for drums, a long drum solo, in the spirit of the venue.  I also had high hopes they were going into some improvising.  While that wasn't the case and a familiar song came through once the other 2 joined in, it was still great.

Sam Newsome did I think a 40 min set, ending at 9:40.  TBP hit the stage at about 10 and played til 11:30.  They came out and did a 2 song encore.  Then they responded to the crowd's request and gave us one more.  I'm not sure if they left the stage again or not ... I had gone downstairs to buy the CD and went back up for the music.

They are celebrating 10 years together.  I love that they named the CD (also available on vinyl) "Never Stop".  I certainly hope not!

I then bought my 3rd CD of the evening and I must say they are all great.

Here's a CD review:

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