Monday, September 20, 2010

Cochemea Gastelum @ 92nd St Y Tribeca 9/10/10

This was an awesome funkdown.  It was somewhat in the style of The Budos Band and somewhat different as well.  There were some Latin grooves incorporated into some of the pieces.  Lots of great horns and lots of percussion - just the way I like it!  The 2 trumpets were awesome.  The baritone from The Budos Band was great to have around.  Cochemea was as great as always on the alto and tenor saxes and alto flute and electronics.

The keyboards were great.  Tom T was a special guest on bass for the first few songs.  There was also a guitar.  A drum kit and 2 percussionists made me very happy.  One of them was Elizabeth-PupoWalker.  I felt a pang of missing La Buya.

Cochemea's project has an element of being new and fresh while having the Old School element as well.  If I had to characterize it I would say "La Buya meets The Budos Band and they take a right turn together". 

I got the CD.  It's really great.  I'm very impressed with the quality.  There’s this one song, “No Goodbyes”, as I listen to it on CD I get all mushy inside.  I enjoyed it live, but it’s a rare thing where I like the studio version even more.  Of course, I’m writing this as I come off of a Bad Plus show, so maybe I’ve been “mushed up” already.  (I write these in my BB while it's fresh, and then it sometimes take me a bit to get to the editing and posting).

It was great!  Get the CD!

Cochemea Gastelum Presents The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow / Mocean Worker

Cochemea Gastelum, one of NYC's most in-demand saxophonists, celebrates the release of his solo debut. Gastelum has been a key player in the blossoming new soul and Afrobeat scenes that have leapt out of Brooklyn to take the world by storm in recent years. The versatile musician has performed and/or recorded with a diverse group of artists, including Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Archie Shepp, Paul Simon, Antibalas, Public Enemy, The Roots, Robert Walter's 20th Congress and Amy Winehouse. His influences and collaborations are eclectic, but with The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow, his solo debut, Gastelum carves out a whole new sound. Co-produced by Adam Dorn (AKA Mocean Worker), the record ranges across the global rhythmic horizon, from Afro-centric jazz to keyed-down "Low Rider" jams, to vintage boogaloo, raw soul, lilting Brazilian strains and beyond. The project was inspired by a dream he had that related back to his Native American roots. With this debut release, Cochemea Gastelum at last steps out, front and center, reaching from the past into to the future while remaining in the ever-present now.

Brian Wolfe - Drums (Michael Leonhart & the Avramina 7)
Jeremy Wilms - Bass (Fela!)
Al Street - Guitar (Sugarman 3)
Victor Axelrod - Keys (Antibalas/Ticklah)
Elizabeth Pupo-Walker - Congas (La Buya)
Neil Ochoa - Percussion (SiSe)
Dave Guy - Trumpet (Dap Kings)
Eric Biondo -Trumpet (Antibalas)
Jared Tankel  - Baritone (Budos)
Cochemea - Electric Sax, Flute, Tenor Sax

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