Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frisell/Motion/Lovano @ Village Vanguard 8/31/10

Just stop and imagine how incredible this trio can possibly be.  We have an extraordinary Jazz-Americana guitarist, a powerful and stellar saxophonist, and a unique and incredible drummer who fits in anywhere doing his unique thing.  That was a thought process I had in the middle of this amazing set of killer music.

For the first piece, the drums had me hypnotized.  I could hear greatness from the other instruments, but my attention couldn't leave the awesome sounds coming from Paul Motion.  I don't recall him playing so intensely before.

Joe and Bill each had me captivated at different parts of the stellar set.  This is one spectacular trio.

Now I want to see something even more unlikely. 
or Frisell/Motion/Zorn
or Frisell/Lovano/Ches Smith. 
Oh, better yet,  Ribot/Zorn/Frisell/Motion/Skerik/Billy Martin/Steven Bernstein/Cyro Baptista.  As long as I'm dreaming.

And I should mention the Vanguard recently changed the minimum drink policy.  There is still a 1 drink minimum, it's just not included in the price of admission.  They reduced the cover $10 and require you to purchase 1 drink.  It works out for the non-drinkers who used to have to pay $10 even if they just wanted 1 soda.

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