Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alhambra Love Songs @ Yoshi’s, San Francisco 8/27/10

When I was booking the trip I of course checked the music listings before deciding when to come home.  It was nice to see great Zorn projects in a nice jazz club setting on a good stage.

I did get to see this once before, on Zorn's birthday, with different people.  I see there is a CD with a different lineup from both of my shows.

It was fantastic.  The music reminds me very much of The Dreamers.  I wonder if some of the pieces are the same music arranged differently. 

Zorn was conducting for the most part.  However, for one piece toward the end he was playing the strings inside the piano while Burger played the keys.  I never saw him play anything other than the sax.  It was a great piece.

It was a phenomenal set and just wonderful music.  The set was about 75 minutes including the encore.  I loved it.

8PM: ALHAMBRA LOVE SONGS with Rob Burger piano , Trevor Dunn bass, Kenny Wollesen drums

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