Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joey Baron/Bill Frisell @ The Stone 9/6/10

Before they began, they introduced each other and Joey lamented about how wonderful it is to have this space, The Stone, in existence.  I couldn't agree more.  It was beyond sweltering, but I just connected to the truly awesome music and like a super hero, it helped me bear with and sometimes even forget I was in a sweatbox.

They started off with a more avant-gard, somewhat free piece.  I think it was the 2nd piece where Bill played in a soulful, American Roots type manner that took us all higher.  I absolutely loved what Joey did with that.

The last piece had the most incredible and intense drumming that was sheer bliss.  What a way to leave!  It was all incredible and amazing and I was again blessed to be there.

 Joey Baron and Bill Frisell Duo Joey Baron (drums) Bill Frisell (guitar)

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