Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lisle Ellis @ Zebulon 3/22/09

Timing gigs at Zeb is a whole art unto itself. It was listed as 8:30, Rashanim is on later, and its the type of artists who are usually close to schedule. My best guess is they would go on around 8:45. Given that they finished at about 9:45, that was probably the case. I didn't get there til about 9:15.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. Michael Wimberly was behind the kit, sans any of the interesting percussion instruments I saw him with the night before. Angelica Sanchez was adding a layer of beauty on the keyboard. The horn section was awesome - Darius Jones is always great. There was another guy on sax and clarinet. There was a great trombone player. During one piece, he had his muffler hooked up to his laptop and had some interesting non-trombone sounds, very futuristic. Lyle was as great as always and so was his music.

I would have loved to stay for Rashanim, but that would be counter-productive to my busy week ahead.

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