Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. Lonnie Smith @ Jazz Standard 3/6/09

I am so grateful I wasn't into the previous show because I might have missed this run at Jazz Standard. The drummer was the only one I didn't know of, and he blew me away! It was very important to erase the memory of the repetitive generic drumming from the one song I heard at the other place, and Riley delivered! I mean, he had me going out of my mind! Dr. Lonnie Smith seemed pretty into him as well. He and the other phenomenal cast of characters were as great as usual. It was one awesome set and a wonderful way to end the evening.

Dr. Lonnie Smith Quartet
* Donald Harrison – alto saxophone
* Peter Bernstein – guitar
* Dr. Lonnie Smith – Hammond B-3 organ
* Herlin Riley – drums

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