Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clockwise @ The Stone 3/3/09

I didn't want to deal with tiny Barbes or getting out there so early for Bill Frisell and the violinist. So, I went to a different string duo that was great. I was intrigued by the violin and harp pairing as well as the South African composers. It was great. I think the two are recently married and they are from South Africa, but I think they live here.

It was great. They told us about each of the pieces. I can't remember much. The first piece was inspired by the mbira. I didn't know they had that in South Africa, I know it's big in Zimbabwe. There was a piece they told us would probably make the South Africans in the room homesick. I loved that piece and now I'm very curious to explore more about it.

There was another piece where were told the harp is most resonant when playing in C-Flat. The piece required the violin to be tuned down 1/2 to B-Flat from B. Marc was happy about that because it allowed him to play more open strings. He said that usually playing "Flat" notes is rough on the violinists fingers. I love learning about stuff like that from my very layman point of view.

I enjoyed the set a lot and was sorry when it was over. I got the feeling they were going to do an encore, but the lights were turned up as soon as they stopped, so I guess they figured it was over.

Marc Uys (violin) Jacqueline Kerrod (harp)
Recent commissions from a range of leading voices in contemporary South African music, including Braam du Toit, Neo Muyanga and Matthijs van Dijk.

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