Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ABB @ The Beacon 3/17/09

I couldn't stay away any longer, not that I had any intention of staying away. Still, I was dragging my feet about when to go and how to get tix. I woke up with ABB songs in my head and knew I would be going that night. I was busy at work but every now and then I'd feel like singing an ABB tune. I finally got online at lunchtime to see if there were any tix available. That's what I do every year - there's always some newly released tix around now or a little sooner. Low and behold the best available orch seat was in Row BB (that's 2nd row) seat 13, whch was off to the left side. That makes the astronomical price a little easier to take!

I was a little concered about it being St Patty's Day, but I knew that might be a good thing. That turned out to be a nonissue, thankfully.

It was great. I could see the front line really well. The screen wasn't easy to see, so it wasn't distracting at all.

I like the renovationns. The place looks real nice. There were more rules, but the staff is pretty nice and it wasn't that bad, if there had to be all of those rules.

The show was good. They often had the guitars and bass pointing toward me and I could see them really well. It also turned out that I had a little extra room for dancing. There was no seat in front of me.

Warren and Derek had many amazing blown away moments. It is such a privilege watching them. Oteil was amazing and caught a lot of my attention. Someone at setbreak mentioned he thought Oteil had 8 strings. I wondered how that would work. I checked 2nd set, and he has the usual 4. He can do a lot with those 4, though.

There was one part, I think it was during the New Instrumental in the 1st set, where Derek had a lot of soloing. I thought everyone sounded better during that point because of Derek. I could hear the drums and the bass much better and it was a very magical moment.

It was pretty cool to hear Please Be With Me, since I've heard it on the Duane Allman anthology many times. I did have some moments of missing Duane and wondering what things would be like if he were around today.

Brian Mitchell sounded good and I'm glad he sat in a lot.

Overall, it was a good show. It wasn't quite the level of greatness I've become accustomed to with them. I think I've gone full circle and I'm back to not wanting to pay the high ticket prices. I know there are some very special guests I'll be missing, but I kind of doubt I'll make it to any more this year. You never know, though.

Set 1: Don’t Want You No More, It Ain’t My Cross To Bear, Trouble No More, Rocking Horse, Soul Shine, You Don’t Love Me, New Instrumental, Please Be With Me (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), All My Friends (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), The Got Song (w/ Tommy Talton, Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell)

Set 2: Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry (w/Sheryl Crow, Brian Mitchell), Midnight Rider (w/Sheryl Crow), Can’t Find My Way Home (w/ Sheryl Crow, Brian Mitchell), Statesboro Blues, Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, Hoochie Coochie Man, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (w/ Scott Boyer and Brian Mitchell), Black Hearted Woman > JaBuMa > Black Hearted Woman >The Other One Jam

Encore: One Way Out (w/ Tommy Talton, Brian Mitchell, James Van DeBogert )

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