Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kirk Knuffke Trio @ Roulette 3/19/09

Well, if you can't see Eric Clapton with The Allman Brothers, this is the next best thing. At least, my chosen next best thing for what is going on tonight. It was great. It was new music written for this performance and commissioned by Roulette and The Jerome Foundation (not sure if I spelled it right).

Kenny had a very interesting metal bell-type thing attached to one of his drums. It sounded good and looked shiny and pretty. I enjoyed watching him hit it with the brush and the stick and how he used it. I was in the front row and could everything perfectly.

Lisle Ellis is incredible. He had a skinny acoustic bass plugged into an amp. Sometimes I would forget about the other 2 and just listen to him.

I never saw Kirk Knuffke before. He's great. His playing was very attention-grabbing while being somewhat subtle, not in-your-face at all. There were some moments where I forgot about the other 2.

The music was new and creative and never "out there". I'm very glad with my choice.

Kirk Knuffke Trio

Thu Mar 19 - 8:30 PM

performer: Kenny Wollesen, Kirk Knuffke, Lisle Ellis,

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