Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dumpstaphunk @ Highline 3/20/09

It probably would have been good to stop at Small's for the last set first, but I didn't. I forget how I'm not that into Dumpstaphunk. I was at one time...

I remember when Ivan first unveiled Dumpstphunk at Jazzfest. They probably formed sometime since the last jazzfest, when Ivan didn't have a band and he was sitting in with EVERYONE. I mean, he was sitting in all over the fest all day and then I'd see him again stopping by at countless night shows. I was so happy to see he put together his own band. At that time, he had Tony Hall, Nick Daniels, Raymond Webber, and Ian Neville but he also had Mark Mullins and Jun Yamaguchi and a couple more. I was so impressed and they were great. Then there was another jazzfest when they had a gig with Skerik the night of The Original Meters Reunion. That was off the hook! There were a few other horns that night, also. Dumpstaphunk hasn't completely done it for me since. I'm sure there was 1 or 2 since that I enjoyed, like I seem to recall a gig at Austin City Limits or maybe NOLA. They need a guitar player, some horns, and more energy.

Now, when Warren steps in its a whole other story. I was blown away yet again with how one guy can step in and save the whole show. He was unbelievably awesome, made everybody sound good, and blew me away. He made staying out so late on a Friday quite pleasurable.

I left right after his extended sitin pretty elated.

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