Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ela Orleans and Kevin Shea @ The Stone 3/18/09

I was pretty tired tonight, but wanted to do a little music. Since nothing was grabbing me in the listings, that meant I would head out to The Stone for whatever, the early set.

Hmm, some interesting electronics, a drummer whose look reminded me a little of Kenny Wollensen, and a nice lady sitting in front of a lot of electronics who was instantly likeable. Scott the taper/picture guy was there, which usually means it will be good music. It was.

I was impressed with how well it all integrated. Ela did lots of interesting sampling and playback while she sang, played slide guitar, and violin. The drummer was great. I felt pretty good after I left and it's still lingering. They started at 8 on the dot and played til about 8:50, so that was pretty nice as well. I can get some laundry done.

3/18 Wednesday (TD)
8 pm
Ela Orleans and Kevin Shea
Ela Orleans (sampler, guitar, violin, vocals, keyboard) Kevin Shea (drums)
Melodic sound collages haunted by all the best musical ghosts from John Barry to Pierre Boulez.


alexb said...

I like your writing style man im in nyc i write too.

alexb said...

im going to borrow your inflection for my benevento review. i was at bell house too. will send you link