Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peter Gordon / Love of Life Orchestra @ LPR 3/1/09

It was a very tough choice between this and Stebmo. Stebmo would have been it if it wasn't for 55 Bar. It IS a great spot, and artists love playing there. Its just the no dancing thing and how hard it can be to get in that turns me off. I really should get over that. I definitely didn't want to take the risk last night, though. Also, there was a perfectly good and intriguing option at one of my favorite venues, Le Poisson Rouge. If I could have done both, I would have, but they were at the same time.

I'm happy with my choice. I found this gig when I was looking at Steven Bernstein's calendar. He only plays with great bands, so I knew it would be great. It also looked kind of rare from the listing.

It turns out Peter Gordon wrote a suite. He said he was going to call it a symphony, but he's talking in the middle.

I don't quite know how to describe it. Maybe 70's acid ensemble meets jazz disco. That doesn't quite feel right, though. It was great lively different music with a trumpet and killer electric viola. There was a piano and Peter played keyboard and soprano at times. Yunior was on electric bass. The drums were hard-hitting.

It had a lot of energy and it was based in jazz. I still keep thinking about how deliberate the viola was. I really liked that. I also like how Gordon would periodically give instructions by counting off "1 2 3 4", it had an energy to it.

There was also film in the background. It was tastefully done and added to the music. There were 2 screens, just the right size, unlike at ABB. The only part I didn't like was at the very end they kept shining bright lights in our faces. That was the first time I experienced that at LPR.
Actually, I'm struggling to describe the music and I now see the listing does a good job of it:

Peter Gordon / Love of Life Orchestra
Peter Gordon, sax, synth/organ
Elio Villafranca, piano
Yunior Terry, bass
Robby Ameen, drums
Ned Sublette, guitar
Steven Bernstein, trumpet
Martha Mooke, electric viola
Kit Fitzgerald, video artist
Peter Gordon's Love of Life Orchestra (LOLO) is back with a vengeance with perhaps the hottest band yet. Since 1977, LOLO has defined the fusion of experimental composition with punk and jazz infused dance music. Chamber Disco is a set of new compositions - complex, groove-based, raw and hypnotic.

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