Monday, April 6, 2009

Radio I-Ching + The Young Equestrians @ Cake Shop 3/25/09

I wanted to see all 4 of the bands playing for a mere $8. I just couldn't get out early enough for the 1st band and I couldn't stay out too late to save myself for the next night. It looks like they dropped the price to $5 for this month. Below is the March listing that I went to and the upcoming 4/22 listing.

I did get most of Radio I-Ching's set and they were awesome. I really feel bad for all the people who would enjoy them but have no idea they exist. This is good new Rock n Roll. They are really good and I always remember every time I see them or listen to one of their CDs.

I had to stick around for a little of The Young Equestrians set. I enjoyed it even more at Cake Shop than The Stone - it fits well here. I was sorry I had to leave after a couple of songs, but I had to save myself for work.

I think I like that Freestyle music Series is doing a once a month thing and that Radio I-Ching is one of the 3 or 4 bands playing each time. The only problem with the venue is it briings a lot of talkers/hangers who aren't that interested in the music in spite of the cover. They start trickling in after 10. It's definitely worth going again and maybe they will come later next time.

Wednesday March 25th
8pm Amando Monaco & the Michaels
9pm Radio I-Ching • CD Release Party!
10pm The Young Equestrians
11pm Sportsman's Paradise
Cake Shop • 152 Ludlow Street • NYC

Wednesday April 22nd
8pm Counterpoint: Kevin Norton, Jesse Stern, Garrett Brown
9pm Deep End Ensemble: Ian Ash, Bruce Eisenbeil, Wilbo Wright
10pm Roy Campbell, Ras Moshe, Shayna Dulberger & Dee Pop
11pm Kirk Knufke Group
Cake Shop • 152 Ludlow Street • NYC
Only $5
(so what's your excuse for not coming out?)

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