Saturday, February 2, 2008

Adam Levy @ Banjo Jim's 2/1/08

Wow, that was really great! I had no idea what it would be. It was jamming and great. The first band is called Lackawanna, and they are playing again tonight. It reminds me of what a great jamband can be.

It was my first time hearing Adam sing, and he's pretty good. The best part is it's really about the music. Even when he's singing the band is jamming. He's a great guitar player and he and the other guitar really brought it. The drums and bass were good, but probably a notch below the other 2. But, still great, especially the way they jammed.

I also stayed for a little of Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, which was also great. Nice and jamming and grooving. I think I heard them say they have a sax that was going to show up late. Adam also played with them. It was awesome, but I was falling asleep due to exhaustion, so I couldn't stay that long and left around 12:45.

It's not pasting nicely, but here's tonight's linup. Lackawanna did 2 sets last night and I might have to check it out again tonight.
Saturday, February 2, 2008 - Ground Hog Day
10:15 pm Lackawanna
Stunning supergroup featuring Adam Levy and Jason Crigler (guitars), Jonathan Maron (bass) and Dan Rieser (drums)
12:30 am Glenn Patscha and Tony Leone (Ollabelle)

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