Monday, February 4, 2008

Bloodcount @ Joe’s Pub 2/3/08

That was quite a show last night! I saw the listing, and that Jim Black was in it, and the picture on the Joe’s Pub entry made me want to go. I got there, and noticed a lot of the avant-garde crowd that comes out for the best shows was there. I knew it must be a good choice. It was absolutely fantastic. They did about 5 songs and it was just amazing. An alto, a tenor, bass and drums. Very lively, lots of cohesive structure, but still seemed quite different and free. There were writes and photographers there, so I’m sure there will be more about it showing up.

Bloodcountfeaturing Tim BerneJim Black, Michael Formanekand Chris Speed
Sunday February 37:30 PM $20.00


Andreas said...

Hey Terri. Sorry to comment ineptly but I don't have your email. Just to tell you: I thought a lot of where to go on February 14th. The Stone lineup looks amazing. But I bought Tickets for Jennifer Charles at the Hiro Ballroom (presented by TONIC), because I think The Stone will be so packed, probably worse than Ribot/Andersson was.

Best wishes, maybe see you on Saturday, 23rd in BK at the Zorn/Reed/Anderson-Play, I got tickets ;O)


terrig said...

Hi Andreas,

I think there’s a way to send me an email on my other blog. You might need a yahoo id, though. I’d prefer not to put it here in fear that I’ll start getting a lot more spam.

I’m going away soon and will be out of town on 2/14. If you get a chance, they have improve night at The Stone once or twice a month and it is phenomenal. I have written about it here the few times I’ve gone.

My pick for 2/14 is Todd Sickafoose’s Blood Orange at 55 Bar. It is excellent. You could do the The Stone or that other show you mentioned and then do the late set at 55 Bar.

I don't know who Jennifer Charles is, but I did get that email from Tonic today. Whatever they are doing these days is great, so I bet it will be great.