Friday, February 8, 2008

MTO @ Jazz Standard 2/7/08

That was a very excellent last show before vacation. Actually, it was excellent regardless. I'm sorry I can't go again. I'm also very sorry to miss Diaspora Suite at Jazz Standard on Sunday night.

I did get the one night with Jenny Scheinman instead of Charlie Burnham. Both are on the same level, but it was a nice treat to see Jenny in MTO.

They were all amazing as usual. It seemed like a few less players than usual, which was nice. I realized I see all of their individual bands a lot as well.

They did a brand new song from some old cd Steven found in Chicago. It was awesome.

Ben Allison was great. I didn't even miss Tony Sher.

At the end, when Steven was re-introducing the band, the rhythm section started this great groove. Later, the rest of the band joined in for a bit.

It was absoultely fabulous.

I keep thinking of more places for them to play. I think Club Midway would be a good place for Diaspora Suite. Drom would be a nice place for Steven to start playing.


Andreas said...

Hey Terri! Just got me a ticket for Zorn's Dreamers in St Ann's Warehouse, Feb 29. Front row! Will I see you there? Regards, Andreas

terrig said...

It does look awesome. Believe it or not, I'm debating about the shlepp out to Dumbo. It does look really great, though, so I'm not sure yet. I could be happy that night at Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Octet at Roulette, but I can tell this Zorn thing is the best thing going on. I do know I'm going to Lettuce at Sullivan Hall later that night.

terrig said...

OK, who am I kidding. I just got my 7th row aisle seat. I was thinking of going to Victoriaville and seeing them there, but I dont think that's going to happen. See you there!

Andreas said...

great choice. the "song of songs" evening with laurie anderson and lou reed was awesome. especially part one, where they played beautiful chamber music with harp, marc ribot on guitar and trevor dunn on bass. looking forward to meeting you at st ann's! :)