Monday, February 25, 2008

Will Bernard Trio @ Blue Owl 2/24/08

I finally made it to The Blue Owl on a Sun for Will Bernard and Friends. It was good old funky music, that stuff I love. It was more of the jazzy variety, meaning not the repetitive Meters-style, more like the grooving style you hear from so many great newer bands. The drummer was Erik Kalb and I can’t remember the bassist. I think that was the bass’s first time playing with them. I got there during the 1st set, which was enjoyable. I was more into it in the 2nd set. It was a lot of fun and a nice little place with good drinks and a good vibe. He’s playing there most Sundays with different people and it’s well worth checking out. I got the impression they start on time at 9:30. A very good way to cap off the weekend.

I did get a little worried about how long it was going to last, if I was going to someday be asked to stop dancing, etc when a guy from outside started banging very hard on the glass doors in protest. They said he’s been there protesting often and sometimes throws water on people. He’s also called the cops before. I was completely relieved when the cops showed up just as the band was finished, but still on stage. All they did was ask the bartender if everything was OK. Phew. I don’t think there’s going to be any noise control issues for a while, in spite of being able to hear the grooves outside.

The band plays in an alcove. It is hard to see in some spots because there is a chunk of wall blocking the viewing from some angles. It is only blocked partially, though. I went off to the side by the door to get away from the talkers and to be able to dance. We need more listeners to show up. There’s plenty of time to talk in between sets. They have very comfy chairs to sit in and the place does have a nice layout.

The drinks are good and very strong. They have some interesting unique cocktails as well, like a tanguaray, lime juice and cucumber thing. They also have an espresso machine.

I also bought Will Bernard’s grammy-nominated cd and it’s awesome. He lost to Herbie Hancock. Isn’t that awesome? No face-losing with that one. I haven’t heard Herbie’s, but Will’s is awesome. He also has a new cd coming out soon with John Medeski on it. He said that Andy Hess will be showing up to play again on a future Sun.

Spread the word! It’s only $5 and well worth ending the weekend that way. They only put the calendar up for a month at a time, so we will have to hang on for the March schedule.

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