Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NMAS + AYH @ Highline 1/29/08

The best I can say about it is the middle was pretty good. I got there just before Alvin Youngblood Heart came on, at around 8:30. He mentioned he was under the weather, but he could get it up for the gig. Well, he really couldn’t. I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty boring. It was my first time seeing him, and I came early due to curiousity. I was told later that he’s always hit or miss. He definitely missed last night. I usually don’t spend any time on “hit or miss” types, since most of the stuff I go to is consistently great. I mean, there’s too much talent out there. I’m sure if I were in another part of the country that’s music deprived, it would be a different story. Oh well, maybe I’ll see him hit at some jazzfest or something some day. There was one song where Luther came out and played mandolin, and that was more enjoyable. Luckily, it was only a ½ hour set, so it wasn’t that bad.

North Mississippi Allstars started out a little weak. I thought “could this be the first time they haven’t impressed me?” It did take a turn pretty quickly and got good. It was pretty crowded. They had the heat on, and the only place I could be was back by the door. It was nice back there, in spite of dealing with people walking by all the time. Whenever someone came or left, there was a nice cool burst of air. I was definitely into it for a while in the middle. It kind of started on a downward turn when they did that tune that sounds kind of like the ABB tune, with Cody also playing guitar. Then, AYH came out, around 10:30ish, and the rest of what I saw wasn’t any good. It looked like it was going to end around 11, with no set break (they came on around 9:30). I cut my losses at 10:45 and got to bed nice and early.

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