Monday, February 25, 2008

Shanir/Sawyer + UB313 @ Zebulon 2/22/08

I went to Zebulon on Fri night for the Charles Gayle Trio. Unfortunately, Charles was sick and couldn’t make it. It was still an excellent duo show with Shanir Bulmenkranz and Ryan Sawyer. They took turns singing for a 45 minute fabulous set. Shanir mentioned when Charles called out, they thought about who they could get and soon realized he’s irreplaceable. For the last song, Baye Kouyate sat in with his little drum with a big sound. He wore it around his shoulder, so that the drum was under his armpit. It was awesome. I would describe it as avant-rock.

I had to stick around for Marshall Allen’s new band, UB313 for a bit. I ended up staying for a while, in spite of my exhaustion. They started around 11:15 or so and I left around 12:15. It was absolutely amazing. Levin and Allen played flutes at times as well as the saxes. Marshall Allen had this neat electronic thing that reminded me of a waterpipe with keys and no bottom. It was superb avant garde lively music. I guess the drummer couldn’t make it because Ryan Sawyer ended up doing double duty and playing in both bands. They said UB313 is the latest new planet discovered in our solar system.

The original listing, but we had a different drummer:
Brian Marsella, keys
Elliot Levin, sax
Ed Watkins, drums
Marshall Allen, sax

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