Monday, January 21, 2008

Benevento/Moore/Freidman @ Sullivan Hall 1/17/08

Another great night wtih Marco. Stanton made it a little more intense, a little groovier than the previous nights. It was pretty crowded again. I bet this Thurs will be especially crowded and I decided to buy a ticket in advance.

I really like the bass player, Marc Friedman. I'm going to have to check out The Slip.

It was pretty jamming and improvised. However, I could hear a lot of the songs Marco has been into lately. They even went into some Led Zeppelin. There was one song where they decided to have some improvised audience participation.

It's definitely been worth staying late and being tired on Fri. I will be sorry when it ends.

There was even a fun jam when Marco asked them to kill the strobe light and they didn't at that moment. They jammed to the strobe light.

The sets were kind of short, though. There was also the vibrating floor from the club next door. That's the first time I noticed that. The other big problem with all of these people is a lot of them would rather talk than be at the show. Lots of talkers interspersed throughout the crowd, even up front. There was even one girl who stood behind me, singing her own thing. I know people want to participate, but the best way to do that is dance. Still, I enjoyed the whole thing entirely.

I feel like it keeps getting better each week, each set.

They had the guitar player from the opening band sit in toward the end. He was OK. I could have done without it, and there was even a boring part in there. Still, he wasn't bad. I certainly didn't mind missing the opener.

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