Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tony Malaby's Cello Trio @ Cornelia St. Cafe 1/4/08

I have my cold, but wanted to at least catch a little music. I was intrigued by the Tony Malaby Cello Trio and I needed to run an errand in the West Village anyway, so I headed over there for the 9pm set.

I found out recently that it's better to have a reservation or you have to wait until they seat the reservations first. They don't let "no reservation" people in until 9. I called and found out they don't take res the day of the show. No problem, I just knew not to go before 9. It was pretty full, but no one was turned away. It's nice to see that place getting more crowded lately. Perhaps it's the weekend, but I've been there a lot when there's not many people in there.

It was a great 50 minute set. They were playing songs, but it was very creative and probably had some improvised elements. I was very intrigued by the instruments John Hollenbeck was playing. He had something similar to a xylophone and a melodica and he was playing the drums with a stick in one hand and some african looking silver thing in the other.

It wasn't a xylophone, though. It was small, but had 2 rows of keys and looked kind of african. The sound kind of reminded me of what Sylvie Courvoissier's piano sounds like when she has the strings taped and is playing the high note keys. I'm getting more and more curious about that.

Tony was great as usual. It was my first time seeing the cellist and I enjoyed it.

I could have stayed for the 2nd set without paying an additional cover. They have a $6 min each set. Given my cold and how late I was up the night before, I decided I'd already had enough and headed home. It was a nice little set to get something in, though.

Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone; Fred Lonberg Holm, cello; John Hollenbeck, drums
Cover $10

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