Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mule + Rebirth NYE

Mule was absolutely incredible. It was like the 1st 2 incredible nights were just warmup for last night. I still can't get over just how amazing the entire night was.

The 1st set was all Mule tunes and it was already a few notches above the 1st 2 nights. It was just great.

I had wondered what Winter of Love would mean, but didn't give it much thought or ask anyone. At setbreak I found out they were planning to do music from the 60's. Of course! 1967 was the Summer of Love, after all. Nothing could have prepared me for how excellent and well-done that 2nd set was to be. They kind of set it up so it was if these songs were all being played on the radio. I assume this is what was on the radio that year. I copied the setlist from mule.net and pasted it below.

At the start of the set, they first showed some political footage from the time that I kind of missed. Then, they had a radio announcer do a little spiel and then The Mule played continuous, amazing songs from 1967. They had a screen that wasn't distracting at all and showed a few pictures from the bands they were covering. I thought the songs were well-selected and it was tastefully done.

They had a guy come out for a few moments, playing Ed Sullivan. He mentioned there were 2 controversial shows that year and let's take a look at them now. The first was The Rolling Stones, Let's Spend the Night Together. The other one was The Doors Light My Fire.

Then, they brought out a really great sax player named Steve Elson. I put some googling below. He's on some David Bowie albums among other things. I think he was just playing the baritone last night, which was awesome. First was a James Brown tune with Danny Louis on trumpet. It took Danny a few moments to get into the groove, but even that small flaw in the entire evening wasn't that bad.

They were so into it, they lost track of time and that's why they did a reprise of Don't Miss Your Water, an Otis Redding tune. After that reprise in the 3rd set, they mentioned Otis died young that year. Then, they mentioned John Coltrane, who died in April of 67 and did an incredible rendition of Expression.

They went back to Mule, but it was a whole other level of Mule. It was just increbile til the end. They ended the last song of the 3rd set with an amazing jam that lasted a while. It was perfect. No drums, but that jam more than made up for it.

Warren had me in awe the entire show. The whole thing was so well done I can't get over it.

I actually questioned whether to go to Rebirth at BBs after that. I'm so glad I went because it was awesome. Super energetic, get down, excellent music. I even got a great drum and sousaphone solo to help make up for no drums earlier. Actually, that completely filled my need for some drum action. I don't see Rebirth every chance I get because it gets a little old sometimes. However, it may have been a year since I last saw them, NYE last year, so I was really due. They really are a great band to hear last thing in a late night. I remember how awesome that Cafe Brasil 4am show 2nd weekend of jazz fest, I think 2004 was. I had to go after a while, but I remember reading in Offbeat that they kept playing because no one was leaving and everyone was so into it. It was like they couldn't leave. Well, at BBs they have to leave at some point, but I think it wasn't until 4:15 or so that happened.

That definitely went down as one of my favorite nights of the year. I feel great today. Really great.

And now, for the setlist:
12.31.07 Beacon Theatre - New York, NY
Set One
Brand New Angel
Mr. High & Mighty
Lay Your Burden Down
About To Rage
Banks of The Deep End
I'll Be The One
Time To Confess

Set Two - The Winter Of Love
2,000 Light Years From Home
Sunshine Of Your Love
Lucy In The Sky
Little Wing
Spanish Castle Magic
You Keep Me Hanging On
Morning Dew
When The Music's Over
Lets Spend The Night Together
Light My Fire
Cold Sweat*
I Was Made To Love Her*
Born Under A Bad Sign*
You Don't Miss Your Water*
Sgt. Pepper's
All You Need Is Love

Set Three
You Don't Miss Your Water Reprise
Losing You*
Reblow Your Horn
Don't Step On The Grass Sam
Blind Man In The Dark

Sad And Deep As You

* w/ Steve Elson on Sax

Some Steve Elson googling:




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