Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marc Ribot + Jenny Scheinman 1/9/08

2008 is shaping up rather nicely, and it’s only 1/10! Marc Ribot, Chad Taylor, and Cooper Moore were amazing. I was completely mesmerized.

I like the venue, Drom at 85 Ave A. The sound was fantastic. Not every seat is good for seeing the band, though. It’s pretty laid back for a fancy place. I was able to stand and dance in between a table and the bar and no one seemed to care. Again, I was completely mesmerized, so it was hard for me to notice if anyone was caring or not. I didn’t even order anything to drink until after the performance – I didn’t want to risk losing my prime spot.

I didn’t get there until around 8:15 and they were already on. I meant to get there at 8 and just lost track of time. I have a feeling they started right at 8, I forgot to ask. They had a great time, as did I. I think they were as much in the zone as I was. Sometime in the middle, Ribot mentioned this was their first time improvising together. He asked them if they have a name yet, and since they don’t, jokingly suggested we send in our suggestions. I’m so glad they intend to do more together.

Now, Ribot was absolutely stellar as usual and definitely took me to another plane for most of the show. However, I kept coming back to see what Cooper Moore was doing. I had never heard of him and I was completely amazed by the instruments he was playing. He mainly played his homemade bass with 1 string. He played it with a stick at times, and plucking the string with his finger and sometimes both. He had a bow, which may have been for that, but I didn’t see him use it. This was a killer bass. I mean, really killer. You wouldn’t think it looking at it, but it was very powerful and he really laid down some grooves with it. I did some research, and it’s called a “diddley-bo”, and he invented it. I found one article with a picture of it below. He also played a mouth bow, which sounded kind of similar to a jaw harp and other instruments I’ve seen like that. It had a bigger sound as it’s a pretty big instrument. He sang some soleful lyrics for a bit. He also played some kind of small keyboard on his lap at times.

So, I have another new artist to keep an eye out for as much as possible.

Chad Taylor did a fine job as well. I loved his drum solos and definitely felt him. I was just too taken with the other 2 to notice more than that. My research shows he’s been gigging with Cooper Moore for a while.
Cooper-Moore playing piano, banjo, mouth bow, percussion, and the diddley-bo, a bass instrument of his own invention


this article has a picture of the bass:

They played until 9:30 because they were so into it. It was so early, I decided to head over to Banjo Jim’s to see who was up at this Jan Wed Night “Adam Levy’s Wish List” curation. I figured I’d probably have missed Jenny Scheinman by then, but I have been wanting to see her sing. I figure she keeps doing it, people keep going to see it, she might actually be good at it. Wouldn't you know, I get there just as Adam is doing a little spiel and then introduces Jenny. Out she comes in a fancy dress, which it seemed no one ever saw her in. Tony Scherr on guitar and Alison Miller on drums. I’m not sure who the bass player was. She did have her violin and definitely fed us some awesome solos. She is a good singer! I mean, she’s no Susan Tedeschi, but she’s pretty good. I never mind singers when they are good.

The music was very enjoyable. Tony seemed to be having minor guitar issues, but really got it together toward the end and gave us one really ripping solo. The music fringed on the country side, but not hard-core country. It wasn’t really twangy and was a little closer to blues on that continuum. I just can’t take real country, which is why I’m describing it in these terms.

Mary Halverson was sitting in the audience, possibly on the bill. After Jenny’s set, I saw Todd Sickafoose coming in with his bass and I had to make a run for it or I would have been compelled to stay all night. I left just before 11 and feel great today.

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